Before installing this board onto the main layout, it will again be modified, with a narrow gauge (OO9) line crossing the standard gauge line and an exchange siding and runaround loop will be installed at the front. The above board point motors will also be replaced with the side fitting motors.

  Bustham is at the head of Bustdale. While there is not much industry there, agriculture supplies a lot of the goods traffic.

  Passenger traffic is catered for by a V3 which will also carry out any goods traffic.

  The station was originally built as Berg on the Nordbad layout, but during the rebuild was slightly modified. The original idea was that this was to be the last station built,  but an impending visit by my great-Nephew, Nate, meant a quick session of track-laying, wiring and points motorised. He was quite happy playing with it, and it was left in the living room for when he came.


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The DC (Analogue) control panel for Bustham.The controllers are Hammett and Morgan and one of them dates back to the late 1960’s. The on/off switch (top left) is for the station lighting. The Marklin switch box is for points control. The push button between the points control and the left hand speed controller is for the church bell, and the switches are for section control. Apart from the bell and lights, this control panel will be redundant when the section is installed on the main layout.

Bustham and Bustdale. While Bustham version 1 is finished and running, the Bustdale line still needs to be built along with the addition of the Jessdale Narrow Gauge (OO9) line

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