Bustdale Junction. Most of this junction is on the lifting flap across the door of the shed. Although I had originally intended that the Bustdale line should join the main line at this point. I later amended the idea so that the branch would continue into Bonton as a goods relief line.

  Bustdale Junction will have a scenic part and a hidden part.. The scenic part will be the points / double slip link to the main part of the branch. The 3 lines will disappear into a tunnel where the branch will split into 2. 1 part going to Bustham, the other will rejoin the main line at Bondale junction. This is done to facilitate the colliery traffic. The double track main line will re-appear at Leoton Station, with the Bustham line seen climbing at the back. The colliery line has a passing loop behind Leoton Station. This, when the scenery is finished will confuse any viewers I hope. The left hand end will I hope have a little narrow gauage board on top of it depicting a scene in 2'3" gauge. This narrow gauge line will run above and behind Leoton and join the branch at Bustham.


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Bustdale Junction JMRI screen. All the pointwork is in place although not all of it has been converted to DCC. The Bustham Branch line has yet to be installed

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