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Bustdale Junction
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Bustdale Junction. as originally planned. When I started the planning in 2007, Buster and Bonnie were still alive, and Leo and Jess had not even been thought of. This will explain the difference in the naming of the stations.  Most of this junction is on the lifting flap across the door of the shed. Although I had originally intended that the Bustdale line should join the main line at this point. I later amended the idea so that the branch would continue into Bonton as a goods relief line.   Bustdale Junction will have a scenic part and a hidden part.. The scenic part will be the points / double slip link to the main part of the branch. The 3 lines will disappear into a tunnel where the branch will split into 2. 1 part going to Bustham, the other will rejoin the main line at Bondale junction. This is done to facilitate the colliery traffic. The double track main line will re-appear at Leoton Station, with the Bustham line seen climbing at the back. The colliery line has a passing loop behind Leoton Station. This, when the scenery is finished will confuse any viewers I hope. The left hand end will I hope have a little narrow gauage board on top of it depicting a scene in 2'3" gauge. This narrow gauge line will run above and behind Leoton and join the branch at Bustham.
Bustdale Junction as built. The only part not yet constructed is the branch line which will eventually lead to Bustham