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  Having had a model railway from a very early age (about 18 months), and my grandfather having worked for the Great Eastern Railway and then the LNER, it is not surprising that it is an interest that I've gone back to over the years. From my first Trix Twin with bakelite 3 rail system, which I still have some of the track and stock, to today’s Hornby Bachman, Fleischman and Hag 2 rail rolling stock. as can be shown my collection has grown and diversified, even to including 3 1/2" live steam and 2 different types of narrow gauge. These few pages will tell you my story and about my current project.

 The Trix Twin Manyways station.

Depending on how it was put together, it could be a through station or a terminus. Although I've still got mine, I don't ever remember having the booking office or the canopy itself, but I do still have the goods shed.

The Meteor Set. The red and cream colour scheme is reminiscant of the Trans-Europe-Express sets of the early 1950's. In this case it showed that the train required AC to run it (Blue for DC). The reverser unit was quite complex as it also worked the directional head and tail lights. The normal reverser switch operated the horn which was situated in the dummy trailer. The various units were joined together by multi-pin plugs disguised as the connecting corridors.

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