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  I’ve heard from Brian Smith who used to be with the station between 1974 and 1984. As I started in 1984 there is a small overlap but we did meet at the presentation of a cheque from Bishop’s Stortford R.E.A.C.T. But he has sent some pictures and cuttings from his collection. Thanks Brian.




Christmas Day 1978 is Brian on air in the old hospital social club.  We were still at Windhill and the British Legion Club was closed on Christmas Day.  We wanted to do a broadcast so we jury-rigged a disco console into the system.


  This is Brian opening the evening and introducing Keith Woods, a Friday night regular for many years.  We’d just moved into the portacabin and you can see that everything was distinctly shaky, including the announcer’s table!


Brian request-collecting in Chelmsford Ward.  The lady’s name is not known.



This is the full feature article from the Bishop’s Stortford Gazette.  The reporter Alison Burnett was a presenter on RS for a while.



(l-r) Eric Pegram (Chairman), Lynda Baron (‘Nurse Gladys Emanuel’), Vic Wallis (Honorary Vice-President), me (Friday Studio Manager) and Peter Sinden (Treasurer).  Minutes later, Lynda smashed the bottle with such force that we were all showered with glass!


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Published 2012 Pictures and comments by Brian Smith and used with thanks by permission