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Day 5. The first day’s Alpine driving. After a damp night, we got the tent down and set off. The first pass (Radstatt) looked hard, but the car climbed it with ease. We stopped at the top and bought some lunch. Then continued on to the Grossglockner Pass. The engine got a bit warmish on the way up, so we had to stop a couple of times while it cooled off. It was about then that Steve took up smoking again. On the way down, the brakes started to fade and I had to use the handbrake to stop us at a parking area. On getting down there was one more pass to do that day, the Gerlos, which took us to Mayerhofen and the Zillertal. By then it was getting late, but when we arrived at the campsite in Innsbruck, it had closed for the night. So we slept in the car at a lay-by on the Brenner motorway.

Miles 254 KM 409 Total 1327 Miles 2136 KM

Wednesday 13th August 1975


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