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Day 6. After our cramped sleep, we were up early. I took the thermostat out of the engine, to enable water to pass through quicker, and we set off first of all into Italy over the Brenner, turning right onto the passo Giovanni (Jauffen Pass). We stopped at the top of the Timmelsjoch for a cup of coffee. Travelled down the Otztal then up the Inn Valley, over the Reschenpass into Italy. Steve balked at going up the 48 hairpin bends of the Stelvio Pass, so we went up via Switzerland and the Umbrail. The border guard at the top of the Umbrail wa surprised to see us. We made it to the top, the only indignity was being overtaken by a Fiat 500 with 4 people on board. From there back via the Umbrail and then to a campsite on the River Inn at Zernez. We had a paddle but the water was freezing.

Miles 200 KM 320 Total 1527 Miles 2456 KM

Thursday 14th August 1975


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