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Day 14. The run for home. Leaving Werner’s we headed for Basel, where I did a bit of shopping, then headed into Germany for the drive to Calais. I’d hoped that we might get to visit the studios of Radio Luxembourg, So I’d planned the route to go via there. Unfortunately There’d been a bit of rain. And somebody had aquap;aned on the water and gone through a lorry trailer. Bits of the car were spread across 2 fields. By the time we’d got past that, and were heading into Luxembourg, it was getting late, nd with every parking space taken by coaches we had to push on. We finally got to Calais at about 3 AM. Steve went to find somewhere to sleep in the terminal, while I slept in the car.

Miles 549 KM 884 Total 2895 Miles 4659 KM

Friday 22nd August 1975


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