Myself Early Days

1 At Uncle Heini's July 2010

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m Suave, sophisticated, debonair, handsome, single, oh! And at the moment un-employed. I was born on the 25th December 1952 at home in Graeme Road in Enfield Middx. My Mum blames me for missing her Christmas lunch.

  As I grew up, first I went to St. Andrews Primary School, which then, was in Cecil Road behind the Gas showroom in the Town. Later I went to Ambrose Fleming Technical Grammar School in Collinwood Avenue.

    The school had grown out of Enfield Technical College which my father had attended when he came to England. I even had some of the same teachers. I left there in July 1970,

  That completes the early years. More on the next page.

Myself Home 



  I was beautiful as a baby. I still am. Beautiful that is, not a baby. One thing I can remember is trying to go into the front room and not being allowed in there, because Dad had bought me a train set, and he wanted to try it out. 60 Something years later I still have some of the stuff.

  In May 1955 My brother and sister arrived. As they grew older I used to get a present on their birthday. Well Fair’s fair, they used to get presents on mine.