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Bonton as planned with just 1 siding for the brewery, no headshunt for the yard and very few yard sidings.
The bottle label for Yorkie Terrier. Bonnie, pictured above, loved her beer, and would have approved of a beer named after her.
 Bonton, the largest town in Bondale, and is at the head of the valley. It is the home of the Bondale Brewing company and also has Bondale Transformers, both of which are served by the railway.   The station is a junction where the line splits into a double track to the South West and Single to the North West. Just a little to the East the line comes in from Bustdale, so reversing and marshalling facilities are provided so that coal from Bustdale Colliery can be sent down the valley to York. Bonton also serves as the terminus for trains from Bustham, the small town at the head of Bustdale.   Bonton is the last station of the LNER so some trains from York will terminate there,  as do passenger trains from Bustham. On the freight side of operations. Coal trains from Bustdale will either reverse at Bonton or carry on through as will the empties on their way to Bustham. Some through freight uses the line as well as pickup goods being sorted to and from Bustham. .  These activities make Bonton quite a busy station, and there seems to be always something happening there. Shunting at the main yard, the transformer factory and of course the brewery.
 The track is all Peco, with the turntable from Fleischman. The plan is adapted from one by Cyril J Freezer in his Peco Publications, Track Plans book. Although in the book it is a terminus, I decided to make it a through station, and while trying to work out how to fit it in to the shed, I reversed it. I used the same plan, as a terminus, for Nordbad in my previous attempt as I felt that there was still a lot of operational capability for it.
The basis for Bonton from the Peco publications Track plans book.
Bonton as built with increased facilities at Bondale Brewery. Sidings at Bonton Ttansformers, increased storage at the yard. Noyice the goods relief line that now runs through the station
Yorkie Terrier label adapted from a photo by Linda Anderson, Plan P29 © Peco publications. All other images and text © Chris Rohrer