The working catenary was created by the use of Peco Code 100 rail soldered to brass 1/4" tubing, then more rail is soldered to the underside of the cross bars. I am also experimenting with a copper wire variant of the crossbar, which after a modification now works perfectly. The rail came from sections of track damaged when I dismantled my previous layout.

Because the exit from the board forms a Y with the main circuit, I felt this might cause problems with short circuits, so initially, I was going to have the board completely isolated from the main part of the layout. This caused problems because of the lack of continuity. This has been solved by using an insulfrog Y (Peco). Because it is impossible for both sides of the inner Y to be connected simultaneously, and the outer sides can be kept isolated by the use of nylon rail joiners, The stock now runs cleanly between the boards.

Further down the York board showing a modification to the catenary, with the cross section made from copper wire soldered to the 1/4" brass tube uprights. The stock in the picture is, from Left to Right), Eurocity Gottardo RaBe set, SBB AE 3/6 (both Lima)m SBB BE 6/8 Krokodil (Marklin Hamo) LMS / BR Night Mail, Class 9F 92221 (both Hornby), Midland Pullman (Bachman), BR APT/E and Javelin 395 class in Olympics livery (Hornby)

The station throat at York. The right hand line at the top of the picture goes off to Bonham, and the left hand line (truncated in the photo) goes off to Bonton. This photo shows the home built (and working) catenary. The locomotives are, from left to right, DB BR01-220 4-6-2 Pacific (Fleischmann), BLS AE 8/8 273 (Hag) SBB A3/5 604 (Lilliput), BR 60163 "Tornado" and LNER 4468 "Mallard") (both Bachmann). Notice the Lima D9600 "Claydon" in the background

  “York” yard or station. This is the storeage area for the layout with a Y connection for out and back running. These run to Bondale junction (top Left) and Bonton (Bottom Left). As this was designed to be a non-scenic area, the OHLE is home-made and can be seen in the photographs. When I started construction, I realised that the original site f the turntable was to small, so it was moved to the other end of the board. I also added some spurs at the throat end for loco / stock storeage.


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York JMRI. The turntable at the left is a motorised Hornby item. I’m still playing with the sensor and signal logic for this area so that entry signals will show clear if a) the turntable is lined up with the particular exit and b) there is no loco on the turntable, and the exit signals will only show clear if the turntable is lined up, and there is a loco on the turntable.

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